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Angelgotchi NEWS!
You see the image of an Angelgotchi. Oh my gosh, I MUST have that! You think. The cool shell designs with little gold wings, and the kewl backround, and a MOTION SENSOR!!! And look how cu-ute the little angel characters look! Awwww!!! Eyes wild with excitement, you wisk through all the Tamagotchi sites on the web until you see "WE SELL THE NEW ANGELGOTCHI!!!" as a headline of one. You fumble with your mouse and click on the link, reaching for your credit cards. "FOR ONLY A LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME! WE ARE TO GET 24, FOR ONLY $85!!!! THIS IS A DEAL OF THE CENTUARY!!!" You hesitate, and wonder if that price is really within your budget. You then remember the motion sensor. "I'll TAKE it!" you cry, and excitedly place a reservation. You relax back in your chair. You are going to have an Angelgotchi!!!
Wait, wait. I know you think it is sooo cool, and you want one NOW, I do, too, but I know how- and where you can get an Angelgotchi for $19.99. That's only $3 more than the original! Toy's 'R' Us is also taking reservations for them. Each store is to get a fairly good amount of them, and I am pretty sure you have to pay about half the price before you go, and pay the rest when you pick it up. Good luck on your Tamagotchi hunt!