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Borrowed with permission from the Tamelvis page, thanks Marty!

digi Tired of cutesy little virtual pets who beep lovingly every other five seconds? That grin, and bounce when you clean up their poop? That smile sickingly sweetly when you feed them 'adorable' little deserts? Well then a digi-demon is perfect for you. This is a virtual pet by Bandai that makes maiming your opponent a healthy alternative to playing a 'happy-happy' little game. (aka guessing games)These brutal little pets can hook up with other units to duel it out to the death, thus making them stronger and bigger.
These cool 'battling' pets come in two colors, red and blue. They come in super cool rectangular little plastic holders unlike the regular tamagotchi egg shape. They have landscape backgrounds and the same three button features of the tamagotchi. I've heard some rumors which may or may not be true. Some saying that the digi-demons shoot flying poops at their enemies, that they drink beer and smoke, and so on. If you can confirm any of these features please email me at: Digi-demons. You can buy your very own digi-demon at: Tamelvis.

These are the instructions for the digi-demons in japanese!