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By: Mike (our fantastic new editor!)

Ever have a busy day and can't take care of your tam? Well guess what? If you lived in Japan you could just drop your little cyber creature off at a Tamagotchi Nursery! Yes you heard it right!!! The way it works is you pay these people to watch over your tamagotchi for the day. You also tell them what character you are aiming for and they can supposedly get anyone of them. Imagine having the job of watching over a group of tamagotchies for the day.... Interesting......

Good news for people who want an angelgotch but don't want to spend $100 for one because of shipping and importing prices. I have read that the Angelgotch will be hitting the US Christmas time this year! Then later on in 1998 the Tamagotchi cartoon series will be aired here as well!!!!! This short cartoon is aired now on Fuji TV in Japan. It features all of your favorite tamagotchi characters. Instead of using speaking as a form of communication the tamagotchis express themselves through body gestures and actions. More on this as I find it out.

Oh I want it! Tamagotchi candy!! These new candys are according to the description a buttery biscut like candy with a custard center. MMM MMM. Each little candy has a picture of your favorite tam characters. And now there are the new tam2 candies featuring the tam2 cast of characters. Also each box contains some tiny tam sticker to decorate your tam egg with. I have to get these!!

Plus some news from Rebecca!

Generation2 Tamagotchi Second Wave colors are on the way! Go to SailMoon's Tamagotchi Site, and you'll see the pictures of them! Coming in October!

AngelGotchi (I don't know if you know this) have motion sensors. For a snack, AngelGotchi has a box of heart shaped chocoates, or it might be a huge solid chocolate heart. Anyways, whenever you give your Angel that, a bat will swoop down and try and steal it from your poor angel! So, you have to tap the side of the shell to scare off the bat and let your angel gobble the snack up! How weird/fun/cute, huh! AngelGotchi also sleep on a bed of clouds!